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Golden Book Winners


Week Ending: 20/04/2018


Class LI: Medina & Suhhan as they used money to do some careful counting, they didn't give up.
Class RW: Yousuf for alwasys trying his best at school and uses all of his learning muscles.
Aamena for working hard to improve her writing.


Class NM: Amara and Fatema for working hard on their reading using all the learning muscles. Keep it up
Class FC: Nicolas & Tasni for fantastic re telling of their reading book. Keep up the hard work.
Class DC: Abu-Bakr has made great progress with his writing - Keep it up
Abdullah has been working hard to improve his reading.


Class SV: Rubiena for always trying really hard with all her work. She has also improved in her spellings lots this year through her hard work. Well done
Class TT: Mustafa for working hard to improve in Tag Rugby, really putting on a fantastic 'Go for it' & 'Never give up' attitude.
Rida for working really hard to improve her writing through proof reading and editing her work.
Class JS: Ahyan & Reyna for always making the correct behaviour choices and being a role model in and out of the classroom. The class are lucky to have you.


Class ZA: Aisha, Jaid & Aamina are now making better vocabulary choices in their writing.
Class AM: Uthmaan, Zaaidah & Aisha for making the correct behaviour choices, listening well and working hard.
Class LF: Maleekah for always showing a wonderful level of maturity. She is a role model at all times and a joy to have in the classroom.