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Golden Book Winners


Week Beginning: 06/11/2017


Class NM: Wafi has been a good learning partner and role model for his class.
Romana has not given up with her reading and writing this week. Well done.
Class FC: Jessica and Lailah have both made fantastic learning choices this week. They have concentrated, cooperated and had a go for it attitude. Keep it up!
Class DC: Vivian worked by herself on a shape activity this week.
Sumayah has been a great role model to all the other children.


Class SV: Rafa for writing a wonderful persuasive letter about anti-bullyingweek and its importance.
Class TT: Azaan for memorising and performing his lines in our class assembly, which was a huge effort due to the large amount of information to retain.
Mustafa for using expression, articulation and volume effectively in class and in our assembly. Well done both of you!
Class JS: Salman and Rayaan for writing wonderful persuasive letters. You had included all the STS and had some strong and convincing argurments. Welldone


Class ZA: Amir this week has had a really GO FOR IT ATTITUDE and has been focused in on all the lessons. Keep it up.
Class AM: Ahmad this week has been using our ninja vocabulary words in his spoken and written work - fantastic!
Faaizah wrote a really good discussion in English and has been focused on all learning.
Class LF: Umar for his fantastically mature attitude in lessons this week as well as writing a beautiful discussion based on Kensuke's Kingdom.
Alex has been a wonderful role model within the classroom this term. He is always trying his best and setting the example for others. Keep up your hardwork!