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Play Mark Leaders 2018-2019

Each Key Stage 2 class has 2 to 3 peer mentors representing them. Peer mentors work closely with Miss Skinner. Their responsibilities include:

* Being role models for other children at all times
* Immediately reporting to an adult any incidents of bullying during break times
* Listening to other children, offering support and liaising with an adult
* Overseeing the Friendship Stop ensuring children always have someone to play with
* Communicating with all children on anti-bullying work within school.
* Taking part in assemblies, training and presentations
* Ensuring everyone is aware of STOP message

Below is a table which shows the Play Mark Leaders and their role/s.



Caitlin R

Head Mini Leader

Hassan A

Spirit of the Games Leader

Mohammad A

Media/ IT Leader

Rida C

Media/ IT Leader

Misha S

Health and Well-Being Leader

Hussain S

Health and Well-Being Leader

Shaima M

Health and Well-Being Leader

Ayman H

Health and Well-Being Leader

Their duties include:
* Introducing themselves as THE Peer Mentor
* Letting pupils know that they are there to talk to
* Encouraging positive behaviour choices
* Modelling how to share and how to work together
* Spending half an hour in their class each term getting to know pupils

Playground rota

Peer mentors take it in turns to wear hats so that they are visible for any child who needs them. They will also regularly check Friendship Stops and have received training on how to support children who struggle to make friends.

STOP-Bullying is defined as someone doing something Several Times On Purpose


STOP-Start Telling Other People