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School Meals

Our school meals are cooked on the premises and are well balanced, nutritious and of a high standard. There is an excellent choice of main courses, including halal and vegetarian dishes. Meals can be paid for on a termly, half-termly or weekly basis. Dinner money must be brought to school on Monday morning of each week and given to the class teacher, in a clearly marked envelope.

Hot dinners are booked for half a term at a time. If any child wishes to change from packed lunch to school dinner or vice versa, parents must fill in a change of dinner form which can be obtained from the office. The completed form must be handed in before a holiday so that changes are made to the register in advance. Unfortunately, changes cannot be made just after a holiday. Children having a packed lunch are encouraged to bring a healthy choice of food and avoid crisps and chocolates to keep in line with healthy meals in schools policies.

Milk & Fresh Fruit

189ml is provided daily for a minimal cost and free for children under 5 years and those receiving free school meals. Milk is required to be paid for in advance, on a termly basis, and is non refundable for absences. Fresh Fruit is provided daily to FS and KS1 children under the National Lottery Scheme.

Collection of Money

Any money that is sent into school should be in a sealed envelope with the child’s name, class and the reason for payment clearly labelled. This helps with the collating of money and also reduces the risk of money going missing. We strongly encourage parents to make payments by cheque payable to LCC. A receipt will not ordinarily be given but can be requested at the office. Please note, all money must be handed to the class teacher. No money will be accepted at the school office. Packs of money envelopes can be purchased from school at the same time as uniform sales (see school monthly newsletter for dates).

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School Meal Information

- School meals are charged at £1.75 per day.

- Parents can either pay weekly every Monday or termly or half termly in advance, if a child is absent credit is carried forward and any outstanding credit is refunded.

- All money must be sent in a sealed envelope clearly marked with child’s name, class dinner money and the amount enclosed.

- Parents can change every half termly but need to inform us before the holidays.


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