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PE & Sport Premium Funding 2014-15

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The government departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport are jointly providing additional funding to improve the provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools.Schools are required to publish details of their PE & Sport Premium allocation, how they spend (or will spend) their PE and Sport grant. They must also include detail about the impact this funding has on pupils’ PE and sport participation and attainment.

PE & Sport Premium Funding 2016-17

Evington Valley received £9,378 in PE & Sport Premium funding in the financial year 2016-17.The funding was spent in the following ways:

Action/ Target


Enabling pupils to attend inter-school sports festivals and competitions (Paying into Leicester City School Sports Partnership, transport costs, providing teacher cover to release staff to take children to competitions).

The school has enabled pupils to participate in a range of competitions and events as spectators and participants including an Olympic event, KS1 Sports Festival, KS2 Basketball Festival, Year 5/6 Football tournament, KS2 Youth Leader Training, Kwik Cricket tournament and Saffron Lane Athletics. To date, the percentage of eligible children who have taken part in at least one event is 25% with a number of children participating in more than one even. This will be further sustained in the next academic year and beyond through entering competitions on the SSPAN events calendar and Sports Premium funding will be used to support this.

Subsidising after school clubs.

Increased participation and engagement in after school sports clubs from 84 children in 2015-16 to 102 (75 boys/37 girls) children in 2016-17. To increase engagement in sports clubs, the School Council carried out a survey and the children were given an opportunity to vote from a wide range of sports. The results were used to choose the clubs the school provided in the following terms. 100% of children asked stated they enjoyed the clubs and have learnt new skills/ games or seen an improvement in their skills. Children have become fitter and healthier since attending the clubs. 100% of children also stated they feel their cooperation, teamwork and relationships/ friendships with others have improved. A week of lunchtime activities was run with the sports provider Football and Fitness in January and again in May 2017 where all children in school were given the opportunity to take part in multi-sport activities. This will be sustained through continued provision of sports clubs. In the next academic year a sports apprentice will be employed who will shadow club providers and after a short period deliver clubs themselves.

Purchasing the swimming charter to support the teaching and assessment of swimming

Enabled staff to have control over the teaching and learning of swimming, targets for all pupils and the progress of all children. Assessment sheets clearly outline badge criteria and have supported staff to make clear judgements on children’s abilities. The charter includes badges, stickers and swimming passports which have been an incentive for all children.

Purchasing of competition tickets.

This has allowed children the opportunity to experience live and inspirational sporting events that they have previously not accessed.

Training of Youth Leaders and Lunchtime Supervisors

This has developed the confidence of pupils and Lunchtime supervisors to lead and organise physical activities. Lunchtime supervisors have worked with Football and Fitness to support them to provide regular activities. The new sports apprentice will run sessions at lunchtimes in the next academic year and these leaders will support the sessions. The children will also support other children who have not been trained to learn how to deliver activities. This is intended to be an ongoing process in order to provide such opportunities for as many children as possible over each academic year.

Purchasing new PE and sports equipment.

New equipment has supported the teaching and learning for pupils.

Purchasing of Smooga playground fencing.

This has provided a safe and clear learning area for children to play games in PE lessons, lunchtime playtimes and after-school clubs. It has enabled better organisation of activities to take place and is going to be used for before school physical activity which has not existed before.

PE & Sport Premium Funding 2017-2018

The PE & Sport Premium Funding for 2017-18 will be spent in the following ways:

• Provide a Sports Apprentice to work with teachers and children to support the teaching and learning of PE and provide extra – curricular clubs for children. This will sustain the development of PE across the school and build upon the number and range of clubs the school can provide for pupils.

• CPD for teachers/ lunchtime staff to enable them to further develop teaching skills in order to provide a varied PE curriculum to pupils in lessons and at lunchtimes. This will increase pupil’s participation and enthusiasm for PE leading to a greater amount of participation in clubs and sporting activity as the children move through the school and into secondary school.

• Purchasing membership through Leicester City School Sport & Physical Activity Network (SSPAN). Through this we aim to sustain the development of PE including participation and enjoyment in different sports.

• Providing specialist coaches to support with the running of clubs.

• Purchasing the swimming charter to support the teaching and assessment of swimming.

• To further increase the amount of pupils that attend inter-school sports festivals/ competitions. Through this enjoyment of PE and Sport will be further developed and provide pupils with positive experiences from which they will continue to participate as they grow.

• Continuing to update PE and sports equipment.

• To increase the amount and develop the use of the Smooga playground panels to support physical activities.

• To purchase medals and trophies to celebrate and encourage children to participate in sporting activities thus providing incentives for the children to continue to participate and improve for future events.

• Updating current planning and assessment documents for PE.