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Staged Area

After the success of our One World Shed we wanted to create the staged area that our children wanted to perform plays on. To do this we first had to remove the vast amount of bushes next to the shed. A mini digger had to be hired and a huge skip to get rid of all the waste.


After the site was cleared the team could then prepare the area for the stage. A membrane was put down before the frame was built.


Once the framework was complete and secured in place the final decking could be screwed down.


After a long hard week we finally had our staged area for the children to play on and around and also the community can now see our lovely ÔOne World ShedÕ instead of it being hidden by a mass of bushes. Thanks to TescoÕs Bags for help scheme which was able to provide the school with the funding to enable us to complete this project. Also thanks to the Rutland and Wildlife team who worked very hard to get the project completed during the May half term 2017.