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Tag Rugby Event April 2018

KS1 Spinney Hill April 2018

FS Police Visit March 2018

FS Science Week March 2018

F1 Gorse Hill February 2018

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Production Feb 2018

Cadbury World February 2018

St Phillips Church - December 2017

I enjoyed listening to the story about Jesus and I learnt why Christians celebrate Christmas Aaminah (Year 2 Pupil)

I learnt that Christians sing in Church Fatimah I (Year 1 Pupil)

I enjoyed the Jesus story and learning about Christianity Ibrahim M (Year 2 Pupil)

I liked looking around the Church and at Christmas time lots of candles are lit up Soumayah R (Year 1 Pupil)

I enjoyed looking at the colourful windows and that Christians believe in Santa and Jesus Raeese P (Year 1 Pupil)

Sudbury Hall - December 2017

I enjoyed looking at old toys and learning about which toys my grandparents abd parents played with. I learnt that some old toys needed a key to wind them up. Aaminah (Year 2 Pupil)

I learnt about old toys and enjoyed the sorting activity Fatimah I (Year 1 Pupil)

I enjoyed learning about old toys and that were made from wood Ibrahim M (Year 2 Pupil)

We learnt that some toys are very old and can not be played with today Soumayah R (Year 1 Pupil)

I enjoyed looking abd playing with the wind up toy Bilal (Year 2 Pupil)

Art Day - November 2017

Play Maker Leaders - October 2017

I enjoyed the part when I had to make my own outdoor game. The team building games were good because I got to play with everyone. we learnt how to be good leaders. It was really nice to get the lanyard, whistle and a t-shirt to take home. Aisha (Year 5 Pupil)

I enjoyed making my own games the most because its my own and not many people would have played it yet. We learnt about people and the area they live in. Also communicating through verbally and non verbally. We got to keep lanyards and a whistle which was nice. Fatima (Year 5 Pupil)

I enjoyed making my own game as I always make my own games and I hope it will be played in the future. I also enjoyed blowing my whistle because I’ve never heard so many whistles blow at once. I was happy I got the t-shirt, whistle and a lanyard. Wanis (Year 5 Pupil)

I enjoyed blowing the whistle because it was the first time I was allowed to blow as loud as I want. I enjoyed doing photography because I can get the perfect shot during the action. As well as that I enjoyed getting a Lancaster and peer mentor sweatshirt. I learnt how to do a blog and how a good sports team are supposed to be. Waqqar (Year 5 Pupil)

I enjoyed the basketball the most because I got to practise. Muhammed (Year 5 Pupil)

I enjoyed the part when we got to play with the balloons and made our own games. We got to share our games with other people from other schools. We learnt that you don’t need to be sporty to play sports. The activities we did were fun and some I have never done before so I learnt new things. Jumana (Year 5 Pupil)


FS2: Brocks Hill - October 2017

The nursery rhyme trail at Brocks Hill was really enjoyable for me as a parent seeing the children understand and visualising the rhyme while they acted the rhyme out.
- Abdullah (Parent)

We covered the role play with songs, the children were learning and I felt the role play helps with their knowledge and confidence!
- Safaa (Parent)

I liked the 'Old King Cole' because liked the big chair throne, and acting like a king with a big crown. I learnt lots of nursery rhymes.
- Aisha

I was really impressed with the activities in the trip as it engaged all the children using props to get childrens imagination and learning skills going. It was interactive and I learnt a lot of things as a parent! The children learnt a lot in a few hours
- Parent

Year 3/4: Romans Day - September 2017

My favourite part of the Roman Day was listening to the visitor called Gregorious telling us an old Roman story called 'The Odyssey'. It was very interesting - Reyna

I enjoyed Roman Day because we had lots of fun playing Roman games and dressing up. - Hamdhy

I enjoyed Roman Day because Gregorious the Roman visitor let us wear his armour, and we even got a chance to write in Roman. - Simeon

Year 3/4: Team Building - September 2017

I really enjoyed going to Spinney Hill Park for team building. I liked the part when we played in the play area because it was fun. It was nice to see everyone smiling. I learnt that team building is important because you learn more about children in your class that you didn't know enough about before. - Liba

We went to Spinney Hill Park to do some team building exercises as a class. My favourite activity was taking a break and eating biscuits. We even got to roll down a hill! I also enjoyed playing on the swings with my class becuase I went really high and I even made some new friends. - Aleena

In Spinney Hill Park, we did many team building activities. My favourite activity was racing up and down the hill with my class because it was fun. I learnt that team building is important because we learn more when we work together. - Raakin

Year 5/6: Black Country Museum Trip - September 2017

I enjoyed the Black Country Living Musuem because I had a very fun experience there learning about the average victorian life. I saw a small victorian supermarket which is the size of a small living room! They sell everything you would ever need. Fahima

I enjoyed the trip to the Black Country Museum because I felt like a real victorian. I was able to enter a general store and many other things that are part of victorian life! Safiyya

I enjoyed going to the Black Country Museum because we got to experience what it was like during the victorian times. I particulary enjoyed it when we went to the school because we felt like a victorian child as we practised writing on a blackboard. I learnt that people died in the mine because of the air and when they fell out of the shaft. Hanan

Heatlth and Wellbeing Event at Crown Hills September 2017

I learnt that eating fruit is good for your health. Jamil

I really enjoyed going to the festival becaise I got to eat fruit and I learnt to be active every day. Rayaan

I enjoyed eating fruit and the puzzles. Firdauouss

I learnt that exercising everyday keeps you healthy and fit. Umair

Sports Day - July 2017

On Monday 3rd July 2017 Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 took part in sports day during the morning and Key Stage 2 took part during the afternoon. Parents were invited to support the pupils, here is what they thought...

The children are all having lots of fun

It's so well organised

Everybody knows what they are doing

The General Election - June 2017

In KS2 we have been learning about ‘democracy’ as part of our Ancient Greek and PSHE work.
We have learnt all about how British democracy works, including how parliament functions. Year 5 & 6 have analysed the manifestos of all of the major political parties standing in June 2017.
They then campaigned for that party and participated in delivering persuasive speeches to years 3 & 4. On June 8th, we held our own KS2 election and all of the children voted for the party whose manifesto and speeches they felt were most effective.
The votes were counted and verified, and we can announce that the Labour Party were elected at Evington Valley with 74% of the vote, followed by the Green Party in second place with 20% of the vote.

It was a nice way to raise the awareness of voting; it gave me the chance to voteand it taught me why it is so important. Overall it was very enjoyable.

Maryam (Year 6 Pupil)

It was very knowledgable and gave everyone information on politics and gave views on each party. It taught us how to vote and I really enjoyed it.

Fatima (Year 6 Pupil)

This activity taught us about politics and told us each parties views and it was fun presentig to Year 3 & 4.

Ammar (Year 6 Pupil)

Meet the Creatures - June 2017

I enjoyed touching the minibeasts, it felt a bit ticklish. My favourite minibeast was the millepied beacuse it felt like a giant toothbrush on my hand.
Rawdha (Year 2 Pupil)

I enjoyed the snake when it was on my neck. I learnt that snakes are deaf. I enjoyed the spider even though I learnt the spider web comes out from their mouth.
Ifshan (Year 2 Pupil)

I learnt about spiders and they look scary!Abdul-Karim (Year 2 Pupil)

I enjoyed Meet a Creature because I haven't seen any of these minibeasts before in my life. My favourite minibeast was the tarantula because it was soft.
Qasim (Year 2 Pupil)

I have enjoyed learning about all the fascinating facts because they were very interesting. My favourite fact was when a centipede grows it will have a thousand legs.
Mariam (Year 2 Pupil)

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Year 5 & 6 Trip to Goals - May 2017

I enjoyed playing football matches at Goals. It was really fun even though it rained.

Muneebah (Year 6 Pupil)

I enjoyed the teamwork that everyone put in because we all passed the ball to one another and didn't keep it to ourselves. It was a great experience because even if we lost we kept a growth mindset.

Aaliah (Year 6 Pupil)

I enjoyed going to goals because I liked competing against other teams andbecause football is a very joyful sport.

Safiyyah (Year 5 Pupil)

I enjoyed how everybody worked togther and how even when we lost we did not mind, we were happy and did not give up.

Ammar (Year 6 Pupil)


I enjoyed going to Goals because football is my favourite sport. I also liked it because it was fun playing with everyone in a mixed team.

Yakub (Year 5 Pupil)

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Yes you can project - March 2017

I really enjoyed this amazing privilege and this awesome experience. First we made a card expressing our dreams, my dream was to stop pollution and to help people who are suffering. I enjoyed this as it helped me to express my dream in arts and creativity. Also during this project we had the honour of singing ‘Yes you can’ to Prince Harry. My mind exploded when I got chosen to perform this inspirational song to royalty and I will cherish the moments in the Yes you can project.

Kulsum (Year 6 Pupil)


I loved going to the drama hall every Wednesday to attend the sessions and then going to the ceremony; getting called up on stage and recieving our certificates was amazing.

Rahima (Year 6 Pupil)

I enjoyed taking part in the Yes you can project because it made me feel I can achieve anything I want to and now I can make my dreams come true!

Unaisah (Year 5 Pupil)

I enjoyed this event because there was a lot of things to do such as singing, learning about Martin Luther Kingand making plaque cards. Another thing I enjoyed was going to Hamilton College and singing to Prince Harry

Hanan (Year 6 Pupil)

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